What are the Components and Applications of DBMS?

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Components of DBMS

components of dbms

This system involves data, the hardware that physically stores the data, the software that utilizes the hardware file system in order to store the data and provide the standardized method for retrieving or changing the data, and finally the user who turns the data into information.

  1. Users.
  2. Software
  3. Hardware
  4. Data


The DBMS generally contains three broad classes of users are consider.

  1. Application Programmer
  2. End-User
  3. DBA


Software database management system include the DBMS, operating system, Network software and the application software.


Hardware of the software can range from a PC to in network of computer it also includes various storage devices (Hard disk) and input and output devices (Monitor, Printer) etc.


Data stored in a database includes numerical data including the whole numbers and floating-point numbers and non-numeric data such as character data or logical(True or false) data. The more advised system may include none complicated data entries such as printers, images, and data type.

Applications of DBMS

applications of dbms

Some of the important application fields of DBMS are:


For maintaining customers information, accounts, loans and banking transactions.


For maintaining students record, courses registration and grades.

Railway Reservation:

For checking the availability of reservation in different trains, tickets etc.

Air Lines:

For reservation and schedule information.


For keeping records of calls made generating monthly bills etc.


For Storing information about holidays, sales and purchase of finance instrument.


For customers, products and purchase information.

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